Dog Behaviour and Training

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Isn’t it wonderful having a new furry family member! We know how much joy and happiness a puppy can bring to your lives, however we believe this can be enriched by having them be polite and well-behaved as well.

Here are some of the books we recommend for learning about how to train your dog. All are available as hard copies and some as e-books as well for Kindle or iPad.

-        Dr Sophia Yin, author of Perfect Puppy in 7 Days, How to Behave so Your Dog Behaves, and Dog Aggression: From Fearful, Reactive and Hyperactive, to Focused Happy and Calm, and developer of the Learn to Earn Training Program.

-        Victoria Stilwell - It’s Me or the Dog

-        Dr Nicholas Dodman – Dogs Behaving Badly and The Dog who Loves Too Much.

-        Dr John Bradshaw – Dog Sense: How the New Science of Dog Behaviour Can Make You a Better Friend to Your Pet.

Some useful websites for behaviour and training:

This is our go-to guide for behaviour training help. The website is full of useful blog articles and training videos to help visualise Dr Yin’s training methods and make you a better trainer yourself.

KalmPets is a Perth based initiative between Veterinary Behaviourist Dr Kate Lindsay and Cognitive Behaviour Therapist Tracey Lord. They offer behaviour consults, coaching classes, Canine College and Kitten Kindy.

Dog Logics is owned and run by trainer Jacquie Humphrey and is locally based in Mundaring. She is a fully accredited trainer through Canine Evaluators of Australasia and has many additional qualifications under her belt. Jacquie runs a variety of training classes including socialisation classes, behavioural training and agility classes, as she also offers one-on-one training sessions.


If you are experiencing behavioural issues with your dog, or if they have a sudden change in behaviour, always make an appointment to have your dog examined by your vet first as sometimes there is a medical reason for the change.