Bakers Hill Vet guide to Pet Insurance

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The best time to get pet insurance is when your pet is young as generally they have no “pre-existing” conditions. Though any pet with a pre-existing condition can still be insured, the pre-existing condition itself will not be covered. Pre-existing is defined as a condition that shows clinical signs before the policy is being taken out.

You can get pet insurance for MOST animals, not just cats and dogs.

Why get pet insurance?

1) Cover for unexpected costs – eg accidents or emergencies

2) Cover for diseases or illnesses that your pet may develop, some of which may be life-long

3) Peace of mind that you will be able to afford to treat your pet no matter what happens

Things it will cover (depending on your policy)

  • Accidents – eg motor vehicle accidents, fall off ute, bone stuck in throat, eaten a sock, dog fight, snake bite, poisoning
  • Curable illnesses such as intestinal disease, pancreatitis, respiratory conditions, ear infections
  • Incurable conditions  such as heart disease, diabetes mellitus or even arthritis – where your pet may need medicating for the rest of its life
  • Skin problems, allergies etc.
  • Orthopaedic conditions that may require specialist orthopaedic surgery
  • X rays, ultrasound, blood tests – anything needed to diagnose conditions
  • Surgery, drugs and medication – anything required to treat conditions

Things it may cover (depending on your policy)

  • Routine health care (sterilisation, vaccinations) 
  • Dentistry
  • Some pet insurances will even cover advertising to find your pet if he/she is lost

We here at Bakers Hill offer a FREE four week insurance with PETPLAN

We can offer you four weeks of FREE insurance for your puppy or kitten (under 12 months) if you sign up within 24 hours of your appointment with one of our vets! During this first month you can claim up to $2000 and, trust us, we have seen people use it! There are a myriad of other companies offering pet insurance and here are some phone numbers:
Woolworths 1300 101 234                                                      Rspca 1300 881 439    
Bow Wow Meow 1800 668 502                                              Medibank 134 190
PIA – Pet Insurance Australia 1800 043 552

Questions to ask

How much will you get back from a claim
Do they have an old age loading charge (eg the insurance will cost more when the pet gets older)

Do they have a loading charge for certain breeds
Are hereditary and birth defects covered

Is dental disease covered
What does the pet insurance not cover

Is there a “per incident” claim cap

Is there a “per condition” claim cap or will your pet’s condition be “insured for life”
How soon can you use your policy, what is the waiting time


The decision whether or not to insure your pet and how is an extremely important one and may be the difference between a life and death decision one day. Please ask us if there is anything we can do to help you with this decision.