Free Puppy and Kitten Checks

Here at the clinic we offer a free puppy and kitten check service for you to have your newest family member meet our vets and for you to check you are on the right track.

In addition, it is a good idea to have a free check of your puppy or kitten a few days after bringing them home to establish that they were healthy when you purchased them. 

What’s included in your free check?

-        An assessment of the paperwork that came with your new pet and help interpreting it

-        Establishing where they are in their vaccination schedule

-        Advice on their worming and flea prevention schedule

-        A physical exam to check for inherited conditions

-        Checking their microchip status

-        Practical advice on diet, behaviour and care of your new pet

You will be given a take home pack that includes some great information

-        A handout on puppy/kitten care from 8 weeks of age until 6 months of age

-        A free sample of the diet we sell here at the clinic, Hills Vet Essentials, as well as some information about why diet is important in growing puppies and kittens

-        Some information on training a polite puppy and the details of a local trainer

-        A guide to pet insurance

Sometimes at the health check the vet will identify that it is advisable to vaccinate your puppy or kitten at the time of the free check, or apply a flea or worm treatment.