Annual health checks

Annual Health Checks provide a chance for you to check in with your vet, for your pet to get to know us here at the hospital, and also an opportunity for us to establish what is normal for your pet. A full physical exam will be performed and we will check:

-        Mouth, gums and teeth

-        Listen to their heart, take their heart rate and identify if there are any murmurs

-        Listen to the lungs, take their breathing rate and take note if there are any crackles or changes

-        Feel all over their body for lumps or masses, and their joints for any thickening or stiffness

-        Feel the abdomen to see if their organs feel normal or if there are any changes

-        Check their temperature

Your vet will also check in with you about your pet’s diet, current weight, flea, worm and heartworm prevention, vaccination and sterilisation status, as well any other health issues specific to your pet.

An annual health check gives us the chance to catch any signs of disease early, which means it can be treated and resolved faster and before it becomes a big, expensive or life-threatening problem for your pet.