Desexing - then best thing you can do

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Spring is breeding season and this inspires me to talk about something very close to my heart... why on earth it is SUCH a GOOD idea to DESEX your pet!

Basically I believe that this operation, which is by no means insignificant or simple especially in a female don't get me wrong, is LIFE-SAVING! It may save your dog's life! For example, by preventing it from getting run over when in hormonal overdrive and in search of a mate! Or by preventing that risky pyometra surgery, as not all pyometras have a happy outcome. And it may also save many lives from euthanasia or the anguish of moving from home to home as they were never wanted in the first place. 

Desexing your pet just makes sense. Many vets, as do we, heavily subsidise this surgery meaning that, when done at an appropriate time, it is cost-effective for you and safe for your pet. Take it to the other extreme however, say when your dog is very ill and compromised from a pyometra and surgery must be done asap to save your dog's life, it becomes a very expensive surgery not to mention a much more risky one! 

This month we have done a few emergency pyometra surgeries. A pyometra is a pus-filled uterus and it needs to come out as soon as possible. I.e. it is an emergency and makes your dog very sick. The risk of a pyometra increases with every heat or season your dog has.

Dogs are "very good" at getting pyometras. Cats can get this condition too, but it is much less common.

Unequivocally ALL the owners of our pyometra dogs this month had wished they had understood better the risk they were taking when they decided not to desex or to delay desexing their dog... Please don't make the same mistake!

Have a look at this link if you are questioning whether sterilisation is a good idea or not.

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