Vaccinating - it's just common sense

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At Bakers Hill Vet Hospital we vaccinate a lot of puppies, and it's wonderful! Here I am with one just a couple of weeks ago - a miniature Dachshund named "Ollie". In the same week however, I had a client in tears as they came to grips with the terrible fear that their 10 year old dog, who was vaccinated as a puppy but not since, may have Parvovirus and may die or at the very least be very costly to treat.... 

And it's true. When I look at our records, I am astounded by how many adult dogs and cats we have on our records that are not vaccinated on a regular basis.... Dogs and cats who belong to owners who love them, owners who care about them immensely, owners who bring them in to see us when they are sick, owners who I am sure want the very best for their dogs and cats, yet these dogs and cats are not vaccinated.

Do people not know that vaccination in dogs and cats is for life?? Unfortunately it appears that many people indeed do not know this...

It is why I decided that vaccination should be the first topic for my " blog". Something that is so simple to do, that does not cost an arm and a leg, that has huuuuge side benefits because hey, your pet gets a full health examination at the same time, that is something worth telling people about!

So why do it? Why vaccinate? That is simple. Vaccination protects our beloved pets against some very deadly yet very real diseases that are present where we live  The big example is Parvovirus (yes cats get their own version of a parvovirus too) which this year has seen unprecedented rates of occurrence, in particular in WA and in particular in country areas - areas like Northam - where we work, shop or even live! And if not deadly, vaccination protects against very debilitating diseases, diseases which can cause lifelong suffering, and the example here is the " cat flue".

So how do you keep your dog or cat protected? Most dog owners vaccinate their dogs when they are puppies. This is a great start but it is then important to keep up the vaccinations annually. If not, your dog is no longer protected and can contract these deadly illnesses. For dogs there is a three-yearly vaccination that covers against the three core diseases (C3), and we do stock this vaccine at Bakers Hill Veterinary Hospital so ask us if you are interested in this. What if you have missed a few years? Easy! Our superior vaccine ensures that your dog will only need one vaccination to be protected again! Cats are a different story.... They need two vaccinations if they have fallen behind or have never been vaccinated before. And often this is the case, as sadly I am learning that kittens often do no get as lucky when they start off in life... they often don't get vaccinated at all! Why? I don't know. It is almost as if owners of cats don't think they deserve to be free from the risk of disease! Cynical? Maybe. But then why would you not protect your beloved pet against diseases that are totally preventable or at the very least can be made so much less debilitating? Anyway, vaccination for cats is then always annual, as there is no registered three-yearly vaccine yet that covers for all three core diseases (F3).

What about "over-vaccinating"? Basically there is no such thing. Your pet either has anti-bodies against the diseases we aim to protect them against or it does not. If it does, it is protected. If it does not, it is not. The vaccination schedules are set the way they are to ensure that 100% of pets will be protected if they follow the schedule. But if you are concerned that your pet may still have anti-bodies and that therefore a booster vaccination is not yet indicated, you can of course always have your pet's anti-bodies tested! When, however it will be time for your pet to have its booster, no-body will be able to tell you. You just have to keep testing the anti-bodies. Or, much simpler, trust the schedule!

Click here to read more about the types of vaccines available for dogs and cats.

Have a great month everyone! Keep happy and healthy yourselves but, most importantly, keep your pets happy and healthy - they rely on you to do that for them!

(Ar)Let(te) the Vet

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